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The PSAEE has made a submission before The Special Committee on Reforming the Police Act. Read it now.

Read our four recommendations to the committee.

The PSAEE has sent A Letter to City Offices to Learn on the hiring policies and practices currently in place 

Read the letter that the PSAEE has sent to the HR Director's of various cities. The PSAEE is still contacting others.

Mapping the Patterns of hiring-process Outcomes in the public Sector

BC Cities Map | Who works in which Roles in the city? we are working to form these data sets 

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Speaking Up About Discrimination

Anyone with direct evidence of systems of hiring aimed at screening out persons with select characteristics which are protected under law are encouraged to reach us. If you have evidence of hiring discrimination or discriminatory behaviour, treatment, or racist attitudes in an office, department, or within any hiring panel of the public service, we would like to know because they affect hiring outcomes.

Connect with our office, bring supporting evidence. Do not email if it is of a sensitive nature. 

Share your Experience with Us

Submit your writing on hiring process issues and experiences in the public service. Share your knowledge of discriminatory hiring processes and practices. Members of the public are encouraged to submit their writing speaking on the hiring process barriers they faced in public service competitions. We may request your permission to publish your contribution on our website if it contains information which we would like more people to know.    

Contribute below

Have you faced discrimination in a public service competition? If so, were you able to do anything about it? Why or why not?

Please write in complete sentences with attention to grammar, punctuation, and spelling.