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Canada’s 2021 Federal Election

What does debate and discussion look like? Is there active discussion on hiring discrimination in Canada? Who has the discussion? Which groups are affected? Why has the concept of merit not worked to bring in citizens of colour into the public sector over the past 100 years in a way that is socially significant? What happens when someone tries to have a discussion on employment equity? How does the city administration respond? How does HR understand the workforce outcomes it produces? Do city personnel respond in a positive cooperation or do they exhibit an aversion to discussing these matters? Why? What is the organizational culture like? What rationales are provided to explain deficiencies? Which legislation and policy is cited? Is there a response? Is the identity of the administrative workforce a diverse one? These are all questions which are important to think about.

The PSAEE writes to engage a number of stakeholders. It looks to bring change to the hiring processes of the public service so that the concept of merit is not used as a tool to privilege candidacies along racial lines. Only a functionally diverse Canadian public service can faithfully represent the interests of all Canadians. Read some of the communications below. If there are any questions, please feel free to email:


Canada’s 2021 Federal Election: Commitment to Employment Equity


September 7, 2021

The PSAEE requested BC candidates running for the Nanaimo-Ladysmith riding to elaborate on their commitment on removing barriers for visible minority citizens in the public service hiring process. Read what they say.






Response Letter:

Ms. Lisa Marie Barron

Response Letter:

Ms. Michelle Corefield

Response Letter

Mr. Paul Manly

No Response

Ms. Tamara Kronis

A letter to the office of the merit commissioner

June 21, 2021

Office of the Merit Commissioner - The Social Function


April 22, 2021

Special Committee on Reforming the Police Act, Submission

The PSAEE has sent a letter to the HR Director's of various cities in BC to learn about the hiring policies and practices. 


City Response

PSAEE Response

April 6, 2021

North Vancouver Communications - Hiring Processes

April 1, 2021

Victoria Communications - Hiring Processes

March 19, 2021

New Westminster Communications - Hiring Processes

March 15, 2021

White Rock Communications - Hiring Processes

March 7, 2021

Prince George Communications - Employment Equity

March 3, 2021

Coquitlam Communications - Employment Equity

In addition to the posted responses above, various other responses have been received from other cities. With some cities, discussions continue. Not all responses are being posted - the PSAEE is using discretion in this area. There remain other city HR offices which have not responded - and we are presently attempting to reach them.

The PSAEE will soon be engaging more senior leaders in government. The responses which have been received, and the various other efforts the PSAEE have been engaged with will be important in ensuring that it can speak on the issues which impact citizens of colour.        

Below is a list of HR Directors for cities across BC. Updated Feb, 2021

Speaking Up About Discrimination

Anyone with direct evidence of systems of hiring aimed at screening out persons with select characteristics which are protected under law are encouraged to reach us. If you have evidence of hiring discrimination or discriminatory behaviour, treatment, or racist attitudes in an office, department, or within any hiring panel of the public service, we would like to know because they affect hiring outcomes.

Connect with our office, bring supporting evidence. Do not email if it is of a sensitive nature. 

Systemic discrimination can be subtle (it is not always obvious), but the workforce patterns created (i.e the end effects) convey the values and intentions in an unambiguous way.

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Have you faced discrimination in a public service competition? If so, were you able to do anything about it? Why or why not?

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