The PSAEE administers specialized services and training aimed at removing all barriers to entry for visible minority citizens. More information about the programs will be posted on this page in February 2021.



All PSAEE programs are tailored to help citizens of colour gain employment in the public service.


If you are:

1) Canadian Citizen and

2) Self-identify as a visible minority

We strongly encourage you to contact us if you are experiencing any barriers.

PSAEE Programs will be posted here.

work Opportunities at PSAEE

No roles are posted at this time.



The PSAEE is always looking for pro-bono lawyers to dedicate time to the cause. Reduced-fee lawyers are welcome to leave their contact information. If you have training in an area deeply connected to the hiring processes, we welcome you. We need individuals who are willing to make the necessary arguments, and sometimes this means making novel arguments with refined definitions to express the complex realities. We will gather the data and do the research to assist with all such efforts.    


Our work is very diverse and requires individuals with specialized skills in many areas. It may surprise you. If you feel that the organization could use a person like you, email Introduce yourself and your interest in the PSAEE. Please do consider that we may not be able to offer paid work at the moment as we are a relatively new organization still, but this is an area we hope to develop in.


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