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We are looking for people who are dedicated to advocating for change in the public service hiring processes.

Future generations of visible minority citizens should be given fair opportunities to compete in and gain employment in  government roles that are of their interest. This involves bringing change to the administrative barriers that exist in the hiring process. The definitions that are employed and the evaluation practices that are currently used often work against visible minority citizens in the hiring process. This is why certain domains in the public service have not seen the formation of a diverse workforce despite the passage of time. The PSAEE is looking for volunteers who are looking to make a difference. If you have relevant skills, knowledge, or experience, reach the PSAEE.  

We encourage any citizen who believes in fair hiring processes in the public service to join us. We are a non-partisan organization. 

PSAEE Report: Employment Equity and the Hiring Process 

Setting Fair and reasonable "essential criteria" in public service competitions


Padding 'Essential Criteria' to form Barriers in the Hiring Process 

Does a basic, entry level clerical role really require a "minimum" of two years of experience in "an office environment"? The PSAEE has argued that these as unreasonable barriers that disproportionately restrict the entry and promotion of citizens of color.

If you see unreasonable criteria in any public sector job poster, report it to the PSAEE. The municipal, provincial and federal hiring processes typically embed such administrative criteria in the job posters to sift and filter candidacies in a way that undermines understandings of merit and equal opportunity.

The Merit Criteria and the Institution of Education   

The workforce composition patterns that are produced by the public service hiring process help convey an objective and verifiable reality that visible minority citizens continue to face barriers that Caucasian citizens tend not do not face. Depending on the department and nature of the role, the job posters created have the effect of sifting and filtering candidacies in a way that administratively devalues the 'objective' hard credentials of visible minority citizens in favor of 'subjective' evaluations of 'right fit'. The merit criteria that are set are problematic and exclusionary.


With the present configurations, even well-qualified visible minority citizens meet poor employment outcomes, particularly in select departments and ministries of government. In response, "special programs" are created for short periods to bring in graduates, but which contain the very same barriers as regular job posters that limit visible minority graduates in the same way. An appropriate weight is not placed on the hard credentials of citizens of colour.

Testing Citizens Rather than Relying on Administrative Barriers

The PSAEE takes the position that the Canadian government should shift the emphasis upon written testing and examination of candidates rather than placing administrative barriers in the job poster. The 'minimum experience' requirements are requirements that cannot be obtained by the typical experiences of most visible minority citizens, and are thus discriminatory. The individuals who set and approve the criteria are often not visible minority citizens either.   

The Work the PSAEE is Doing

The PSAEE is engaged in identifying and raising issue with the administrative barriers in the hiring process which prevent citizens of colour from gaining entry and promotion in the public service. It is a key strategic priority for the PSAEE to ensure that greater numbers of citizens of colour gain employment in socially significant roles within the public sector in order to facilitate the development of a functionally representative public service for a future Canada - a public service which can faithfully recognize, understand, and serve the interests of all Canadians. Towards this end we are the first non-profit organization in Canada prioritizing focus on citizens of colour and the barriers they meet in the stages of the public service hiring process. We want to see the removal of barriers for citizens of colour so that they are able to secure work in any area of their training and interest in the public sector. This work starts by looking at the concept of merit and the setting of the merit criteria. 

Challenging Hiring processes Of the Public Service which tend to "Screen Out" Rather than "Bring In" citizens of colour

Any Canadian citizen of colour who is rejected in a public service competition and comes to hold a reasonable concern over discrimination, unfairness, or error in the hiring process is encouraged to write to us. It would be important for you to maintain detailed notes of everything (dates, times, persons, communications, job poster, reasons provided, etc). Our office is fully aware of the complex challenges that Canadian citizens of colour face in proving discrimination. When you explain the circumstance to us, we will know immediately. We are here to help. We are not a legal clinic. If you find yourself out of options, and have a mind to challenge discriminatory treatment, come to us - this is why we are here.